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Strategic shooting series contained within the Star Wars canon

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Star Wars: Battlefront is a third-person shooter taking place in the Star Wars universe with levels and characters spanning from the prequel trilogy through the original trilogy. The game takes the players through familiar maps from the Star Wars lore and lets you recreate the major battles that you saw on the screen.


The game is a conquest-based challenge, where two teams fight for a number of outposts, trying to gain control of as many as possible. When a team captures all the enemy outposts or destroys all of the enemy team's reinforcements, that side is declared the victor. With the game's two distinct time periods, The Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, players get the option of the Republic or the Trade Federation in the prequel era and the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire in the original timeline.

Each of the four available factions provide the player with a choice of five playable characters. These characters differ in their specialty such as a Sniper, Pilot or General Trooper. Players will have the chance to find out who their strongest characters are and will learn which characters are best for certain situations.

The game also provides a limited amount of vehicles that players may fly or drive in to make it easier for them to capture enemy bases. These vehicles include fan favorites from the films, like Snowspeeders and AT-AT's on Hoth.


The campaign in Battlefront is similar to the multiplayer in many aspects as you are playing through the standard gameplay and not following a strong story. The story of the campaign loosely bases itself off of the order of events that these major battles took place in during the films. The campaign does, however, offer different paths that you can take, giving you the option to have the battles play out the same way they did in the movies or to rewrite Star Wars history and have the bad guys win.


Multiplayer is a definite strength for Battlefront. The style of the game lends itself to many hours of playable enjoyment and although the gameplay may get repetitive at certain points, there are enough variations with the change in maps, time periods, and playable characters that players will not get bored.


Star Wars: Battlefront is a great game that will provide hours of enjoyment to players. The only downsides to this game are the potential for repetitiveness and the less than intelligent AI companions. However, the strengths of this game severely outweigh any negative comments and have paved the way for sequels to this fan favorite.


  • Endless Gameplay
  • Many Playable Characters
  • Numerous Maps
  • Fast Paced
  • Great for Star Wars Fans


  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • Stupid AI Characters

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